For Buyers

Shipping is FREE for all orders! The Card Market offers sale and purchase of physical gift cards as well as electronic gift cards (egift cards, that can be used online and vouchers, that can be printed and used in stores). Since gift cards in a single order may belong to different sellers and can be physical or electronic, they may be shipped from different locations and arrive at different times. Currently, we sell only US gift cards and deliver only within the 50 US states, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Most physical gift cards are shipped via USPS. We currently do not ship to military addresses (APO and FPO).

  • Physical Gift Cards: are delivered to the shipping address on your order in 3-14 business days but may take upto 30 days to arrive in certain cases. If you do not receive your gift cards within 30 days of purchase, please reach out to us promptly via Contact Us page. Our 1-year money-back guarantee covers these issues.
  • eGift Cards and Vouchers: are delivered electronically into the online My Account (a.k.a. gift card wallet) section of our website within 24 hours of placing the order, although most orders are delivered much faster. Buyers will receive prompt confirmation emails about delivery of egift cards and vouchers to the email id which is associated with their account used to place the order.

For any issues related to shipping address on the order, please reach out to us as soon as possible and we may be able to help you.

Gift Card Type and Delivery Methods

Card Type

For Sellers

The Card Market sells both physical and electronic gift cards (egift cards, that can be used online and vouchers, that can be printed and used in stores). Some physical gift cards are converted to egift cards or vouchers for ease of delivery, as long as the issuing brand accepts that form. You will be notified about this gift card type change at the time of listing the gift card for sale.

  • Physical gift cards: include plastic and paper gift cards, merchandise credits and store credits. These cards must be shipped from within the US using our prepaid USPS shipping labels. We deduct greater of 1% of listing price or $1 as fee for shipping label from the sellers. The sellers receive the shipping instructions via email and into their The Card Market account after an order is placed. Please print the shipping label and cut it at as directed on the label. Attach the gift cards to the designated positions using tape so they do not fall off the envelop while in transit. Sellers receive their payments only after the gift cards are delivered to the buyer. The delivery must be confirmed by the USPS and the The Card Market.
  • eGift Cards and Vouchers: are transferred electronically and no physical shipping is involved. We transfer the gift card into the buyer’s account after verifying the gift card amount.

If you lose or use your gift card after listing for any reason, please update or cancel the listing on our site immediately. You may be charged additional fee for selling such gift cards. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.